Short films (chronologically):

  • Visuals inspired by the famous commencement speech given by David Foster Wallace in 2005. Original music composed and video edited by Sam Burns.
  • A surreal parody in the spirit of 80s music videos combined with cats, directed by and starring Terry Schroell. Visuals, camera work and editing by Sam Burns.
  • Melissa Squire and Joel Clark’s wedding video, filmed over two days at the beautiful Ness Creek music festival site. A client film, made with the intent to reflect the personalities of the newly weds.
  • Video for the International Street Festival when it came to small town Saskatchewan, intended to catch the attention of sponsors for future events.
  • Unofficial music video created for a They Might Be Giants video contest which was hosted in April 2014:
  • Agassiz, a short collage of underwater GoPro footage combined with footage of Saskatchewan fields. Designed to be screened in junction with a shadow play installation at the Chapel Art Gallery. Set to music composed and produced by Sam and Cliff Burns, December 2013:
  • Torched, a lo-fi  high school project and labor of love created with collaborator  Sean Newton over the summer of 2012, is about two young men who decide to become vigilantes and search for the man who set fire to a beloved Schwinn bicycle.

The trailer:

The short film in its entirety:

Professional Projects assisting other film makers:

  • Tara Yolan Productions, as a second cameraman on a promotional video shoot for St. Andrews College in Saskatoon in November 2013:
  • Saxon de Cocq, second cameraman for video of a site based dance performance called Shifting Foundations. Produced in May of 2013.




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