Click here to have a look at my resume. — Updated March 2016

I’ve been shooting videos actively since before high school, and in 2010 received my first professional contract with the Living Skies School Division to shoot a three video series for them. Since then I’ve initiated and collaborated on many projects with subjects ranging from sketch comedy to short narrative films, experimental films, dance, music videos and corporate advertisement or documentation videos. I’ve had the privilege to work on professional music video sets in Vancouver, where I spent a week working with the filmmakers behind the Green Couch Project. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with two professional Saskatoon filmmakers: Saxon de Cocq of Bamboo Shoots and Tara Yolan of Tara Yolan Productions. Visit the films. tab of this site to view some examples of my work.

I am practicing this craft to develop as a director and cinematographer, but my forte is editing, where there are endless creative choices presented to the artist which shape the emotion, tone and storytelling of the project.

My music composition ranges from ambient instrumentals to shoegaze guitar noise. I am also a co-founder of Grade School Records, which was assembled in 2013 with two other young musician friends to promote local talent and to have a shared platform to release our own music.

You can look here to find out more about GSR and find to our newest releases and news.


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